my dear friend!

Just by taking interest in my website you became closer to achieving your dream body and fitness goals.

In this chapter I want to tell you a little bit about myself and how I came to achieving my sports and lifestyle goals.

My name is Denys Havrikov, better known as Deny Montana. I was born and grew up in Ukraine.

Ukraine is where I finished school and got a University degree always getting top grades. My major was English and German.

I was always interested in sports, even being a kid in school I would do some pull ups and push ups during breaks. More seriously I started training at 12 y.o. in 2005 after being inspired by my older friend. He looked ripped and muscular and I wanted to look like him or even better! I started joining him on the sports yard and trying to repeat after him. I started seeing changes in my appearance pretty fast and that motivated me to train even harder. About this time I started rock climbing and that also helped me to improve my grip strength and endurance.

After a short while I started competing in rock climbing and got my first victories.

Sports was not the only interest of mine and I started rapping in a band DSL (Double Side Label). I would write songs about healthy lifestyle and recorded first music videos. In 2010 I created my nick name Deny Montana and I left the band and started to be known as independent artist.

I got contacted by Denis Minin who was the founder of calisthenics movement in Ukraine. He invited me to perform at the national calisthenics competition. After my performance I started to be recognized and my songs were playing in the sports yards across many Russian speaking countries.

Other titles and awards:

One of the biggest achievements to this date is my Guinness World Record of the Most Parallel Bar Dips with a 100 lb pack under 1 minute,

which I set in Orlando, June 2017.

Now I’m only 25 and continue training and competing. I work on all my weak points by constantly improving my training programs. Through the years of bodybuilding and calisthenics I got the knowledge of nutrition science.

As soon as you think you are perfect you will start regressing.

There is no limit for perfection.

Stay hungry and motivated to achieve all your goals!


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